Jean FernandoVice President at Fersal Hotel Group

Kislay was my GMAT tutor for the better part of 2014 and, I believe, was an integral part in my acceptance to Columbia Business School. Not only did he establish a framework on GMAT review, he kept me motivated and focused at the goal at hand as well. 

His methods are systematic, organized and effective especially for those seeking to get above 700 on the GMAT and be accepted into the best business schools in the world. Kislay is very professional, and communicates regularly to check on your progress. I highly recommend his services for anyone who is looking to get above 700 on the GMAT and is self-motivated to do the work.

Mica ValerioMBA student at AIM

I was fortunate to have been one of Mr. Kislay Chandra's students for GMAT review. He has out-of-the-box techniques to answer difficult GMAT questions quickly (something you will not find in any books). He is also persistent in helping you stay on track of your goal. The best thing about him is that he can assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you utilise those to your advantage. With him, I have not only found a tutor but also a career advisor

Kristina Bernadette ChengMBA student at AIM

There are only a few GMAT/GRE review centers here in the Philippines. Kislay offers coaching sessions which aims to cater to your weaknesses. This is a more effective way of conquering the GMAT/GRE exam, because for one, he undertook the same thing and got a high score out of it. Second, he addresses your doubts and weaknesses in a more personal way. He ensures to check up on your phase every now and then. He is highly recommended

Ralph Raynan GajolFreelance Bookkeeper and Business Consultant

If your looking for a one-stop shop kind of independent consultant, then Kislay is the right guy for you. He can be your GMAT/GRE mentor, business consultant, and life coach simultaneously. Never had any problems with him. He knows what you need and effectively guides you through your endeavors. He's the type that never gives up on you even if the numbers says otherwise.

Rahul VaswaniStudent at Asian Institute of Management

Kislay Chandra was my GMAT tutor, he was highly recommended to me by someone. Indeed he was very good; he had in-debt knowledge of the material and gave very valuable tips and advices. He also provided me with important study guides and materials which were no easily available outside. Thanks to Kislay my GMAT score improved significantly. I would recommend him to anyone who is taking the exam and needs help improving their score.

Geolbert BeltranPresident/CEO

Kislay understands how the GMAT exam works and he has a very high score to show for it. He is now helping others to do the same. He provided me with a systematic and structured approach to taking the GMAT. His emphasis is not just about WHAT to study but HOW to study. I got a good score in GMAT because of this guy. Thanks!

Abraham EapenMarketing Student at S.P.Jain School of Global Management

Kislay was a source of support and guidance while i was preparing for GMAT. He has great clarity on what is important and what's not. The way he approaches the problems makes even the difficult questions look easy. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to crack the GMAT. 

Priyesh SinhaManager at Evalueserve

Kislay gave me a detailed and structure explanation on various techniques of the GMAT. It was immensely helpful and I managed to get a good score.